Mistérios Negros (Dark Mystery). The name says it all. This hike takes place in the middle of the Island, and the scenery is unique from other parts of Terceira.  The trail takes you to mystical vegetation such as the Juniperus brevifolia forest. Along the hiking, you pass smaller lakes which are surrounded by cedar trees (cryptomeria) and other local plants. Along the path through dense forest and native vegetation, it will take you through domes and pathway of basaltic lava rock formation. Which shows the work of the volcano (Pico Gaspar), erupted 12.000 years ago. After reaching a certain elevation, you arrive to a viewpoint over the surroundings you are in and the volcano. After to have passed the highest elevation (640m), on the way down you walk through the cedar forest that goes along farm land, where you might spot cows or even bulls. At the end of the trail, you walk a farmers road, passing by to admire and even climb the volcano (Pico Gaspar), and back to the beginning. 




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