Explore Terceira – Azores, on a full-day tour around the Island. On this tour you will have the chance to see and enjoy our landscape, culture, tradition, and taste our cuisine.

Departure from the hotel/hostel/AL at 9:15 am to visit Monte Brasil. From the top of Pico das Cozinhas you can see the view to Angra do Heroísmo, and around the area you can find british artillery. After Monte Brasil a brief passage at Angra do Heroísmo city (world Heritage city), then Serretinha, to take pictures and see the majestic Ilhéu das Cabras Island, made by a submarine volcano many years ago. Then to São Sebastião village, to visit and take pictures to one of the oldest churches of the Island. In the church you can see “FRESCO” from 1500’s, then drive up to 545 to visit Serra do Cume, and see one of the biggest craters of a volcano made in Terceira. Stop for 30 minutes at Praia da Vitória to visit the second city of the Island. Lunch* in a local restaurant to taste the famous Alcatra de Carne (stew in a clay pot cooked in a wooden oven). After lunch, is time to visit Algar do Carvão, to admire the beauty of an empty volcano. Later we visit Furnas do Enxofre (fumaroles), you will see steam coming out from the ground. From here we visit  Biscoitos village to see the swimming pools made by lava from a volcano that erupted years ago). Drive along the western coast to stop at Raminho to see 3 other Islands of the archipelago, passage by Lagoa das Patas, then cheese tasting. Arrival at the hotel at 6:00-6:30 pm.



*The price (60€/person) includes lunch. 




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